Market News

Apple Inc. stock price (NASDAQ: AAPL) rebounded after UBS Investment Bank placed a buy rating on shares of the world's leading technology company last week. UBS market analysts changed the status of Apple Inc. from NEUTRAL status to BUY status and is targeting an increase in the share price to $ 142 from just $ 115 previously.

The status change was driven by the excitement of David Vogt, a UBS analyst at the potential of the autombil market planned by Apple Inc. although still in its early stages. Apple Inc. shares jumped 2.5% to $ 122.88 at the moment.

Vogt thinks there are 2 important factors why he sees the potential of Apple Inc. shares. will soar in the near future, first the continued strengthening of the iPhone brand in a market where sales data shows continued demand for iPhone 12 products. Second, he sees Apple Inc.’s vision. to compete in the automobile market of the future is a very positive thing.

Apple Inc. shares back soared after over the past 6 months and a significant jump occurred in September 2020 during the launch of the new iPhone 12 product. On average annually, iPhone sales are around 215 million units a year. The opportunity for all to own or buy iPhone stock because of the potential for price consolidation is far.