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Follow the instructions below in order to install MT4/MT5 on your device.


Download and run MT4/MT5 setup file. Upon completion, a window will appear. Read and accept License Agreement, and click "Next"


MT4/MT5 installation is in progress


Once installation is successfully completed, click the "Finish" button to launch the CDG Global MT4/MT5 trading platform


MT4/MT5 will launch with its default parameters. Use the confidential login credentials sent to your registered email address in order to login into the MT4/MT5 platform

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MetaTrader 4 & 5 FAQs

Find answers to the most popular questions regarding trading with MT4/MT5 platforms

Does the MT4 & MT5 platforms facilitate mini lot (10K) trading?

Can trade mini lots (10K) using the MetaTrader platform.
Here is the scale that we use for trading lot sizes on MetaTrader: 

0.01 lots = 1,000 units of base currency (or dollars). Our "micro" lot size.
0.10 lots = 10,000 units of base currency (or dollars). Our "mini" lot size.
1.00 lots = 100,000 units of base currency (or dollars). Our "standard" lot size.

Please note that trading in lot sizes that are not showing the scale above is possible.
An example would be an open a lot position of 0.60 (60,000 units), an 8.00 lot position (800,000 units), and even a 3.20 lot position (320,000 units).

Also, note that other brokers may use a different scale to trade certain size lots. For instance, another broker may show 1.00 lots on a mini account is 10,000 units

How do I change the time period on the MT4/MT5 charts?

To add time periods to the main menu bar, select VIEW > TOOLBARS > PERIODICITY. (If needed) Use the following legend for applying time periods to charts:

M1 = 1 minute chart

M5 = 5 minute chart

M15 = 15 minute chart

M30 = 30 minute chart

H1 = 1 hour chart

H4 = 4 hour chart

D1 = daily chart

W1 = weekly chart

MN = monthly chart

How do I display a bar chart?

On the top Menu bar, select CHARTS -> BAR CHART or use the keyboard short-cut (Alt+1)

How do I insert chart indicators?

On MT4/MT5 select INSERT -> INDICATORS. You can also navigate to the Navigator section and insert additional chart indicators.

How do I see all the currency pairs that you offer?

Within the Market Watch window, all of the currency pairs eligible to trade can be viewed by right-clicking within this section and selecting 'Show All'. All currency pairs will appear thereafter


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