MAM & PAMM Solutions for professional Money Managers

Fully automated Multi-Account Manager solution with a variety of allocation methods specifically designed for Fund Managers. The CDG's pioneer technology and advanced tools will allow the professional Fund Managers to focus on their profitable trading and investors to mitigate their risks.

Benefits for Money Managers

Add/remove investor accounts at any time
compatible with mt4 expert advisors
Convenient tools for investor account monitoring
Customizable Trading conditions
Easy onboarding process
Equal ROI distribution between investor accounts
flexible fee schemes
Multi-Tiered IB Structure
Multiple allocation methods
PC or Mobile Trading
Transparent Fees & Commissions
ultra-fast order execution
Unlimited investor accounts
Unlimited trading strategies per MAM

State of the art MAM solutions

Fully automated MAM solutions with various different allocation modes, automated profit distribution and performance reporting abilities, creates the perfect environment for professional money managers to operate by allowing them to focus on their profitable trading.

Benefits for Investors

Risk mitigation features, full reporting view and ability to add/remove funds at any time, provides maximum level of safety and comfort for investors leaving them with full control of their funds.
Add/withdraw funds at any time
Easy onboarding process
Full Reporting Access
Fully segregated funds
High watermark performance fee calculation
Low start-up deposit
Manage Investment Anytime & Anywhere
Perfect for inexperienced investors
Real time monitoring
Risk Mitigation