Market News

Some important economic data will be published this week. Certainly the main focus will be the economic situation in the United States for the beginning of 2021. Data such as retail sales and industrial production for January, and is expected to show strong data for the beginning of this year.

Unemployment data (initial jobless claim) will also be published this Thursday. Under President Joe Biden's administration, a $ USD1.9 trillion economic stimulus package proposal will be injected into the market, among which the main purpose is to help the employment sector.

The minutes of the Federal Reserve and Reserve Bank of Australia economic meetings will be released this week. The effect of the monetary policy setting by the central bank will be seen when the official documents of the two central banks are released on Tuesday (Feb 16) and Thursday (Feb 18).

This Friday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will speak. He urged the leaders of the G7 countries to be more aggressive in stimulating the economy and take a more extraordinary approach as the latest measures to restore the economic slowdown. He said "it is time to take massive action", he said in a recent statement.