Introducing Brokers Referral Program

CDG Global offers one of the most advanced Introducing Broker referral programs, which include highly customized rebates, powerful real-time back office reporting and constant marketing and technical support

Introducing Brokers Referral Program

Our Introducing Brokers can manage their referrals, monitor their performance and access all the statistic metrics through our advanced IB area. They can create several different campaigns according to their strategy and promote the partnership via various marketing materials and promotional creatives, professionally designed in-house and available in multiple languages

A variety of marketing creatives
customizable schemes
fast commission withdrawals
Loyalty scheme
Multi-tier partnership program
Multiple IB campaigns
Powerful real-time IB CRM system and Partner Portal
Transparent IB Reports
Variable rebate settings

Affiliation Business Partners

Our Affiliation Business Partners have access to our Affiliates portal in order to download various marketing materials, such as banners and direct links, and monitor the progress of our partnership. All the promotional creatives are carefully designed by our in-house Professionals and are available in multiple languages.

CPL and CPA schemes
Generous Rebates
Tiered structure
Various Promotions and Incentives
Wide Selection of Marketing Material