Market News

1) OECD: Vaccines, the US economic stimulus package improves the global economic outlook.

2) US President Joe Biden's long -term economic stimulus package will face more difficult challenges than the newly approved aid package in Congress.

3) China’s top generals called for more military spending in the face of any confrontation with the US.

4) Covid-19 movement restrictions affected Eurozone GDP growth more than expected.

5) Policymakers asked Bank of England (BoE) Governor Andrew Bailey to clarify conflicting evidence about his role in the collapse of investment group London Capital & Finance (LCF).

6) The United Kingdom Minister, David Frost, was called upon to ease tensions with the European Union (EU) over Brexit.

7) UK chief scientific adviser: The Covid-19 case will soar again.

8) The face mask scandal has tarnished the reputation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party before the election.

9) French health director: Restrictions on movement in Paris are not on the agenda.

10) Italy is preparing a new subsidy worth 10 billion euros to support employment.

11) Switzerland warns of a significant increase in debt in the wake of the pandemic.

12) Tesla lost 1/3 of its market value; the third time occurred within a year.

13) The South African economy contracted the most in 100 years in 2020.

14) Japan confirmed the country’s economy will grow double digits by the end of 2020.