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    This withdrawable 30% Trading Bonus (Support Floating Loss) is opened to all new and existing Clients with live trading account in CDG Global Limited (hereinafter ‘CDG’). Once opted into this withdrawable 30% Trading Bonus promotion, CDG will deposit 30% credit into the trading account of the Client, subject to the terms and conditions below. This Offer commences on 9. May 2021 and is valid until further notice.

    1. This Offer is eligible to all existing and new Clients of CDG who deposit into their trading account.

    2. CDG will provide a 30% Credit (hereinafter the ‘Offer’) on all new deposits. The offer is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein and all the other existing terms and conditions of CDG Global.

    3. The minimum deposit to apply for the Offer is USD 500. The maximum Credit obtainable via the Offer is capped at USD 10,000. After the account has received USD 10,000 in bonus credit, any additional deposits will not increase the bonus amount.

    4. Any Credit amount received and/or removed counts towards the maximum cumulative Credit amount.

    5. The Credit Bonus is withdrawable. Every standard lot traded will result in credit bonus to be transferred from Credit to Balance in your MT4 account.

    6. Each standard lot traded, cash rebate of $3.00 will be transferred from Credit section to Balance section subjected to the contract size. Therefore you may receive lesser than $3.00 for pairings with smaller contract sizes such as JPY and more than $3.00 on CHF pairings.

    7. This Cash Back promo is NOT applicable for Forex Exotic Pairings (for full list of exotic pairings, do refer it at CDG Global MT4 account)

    8. Every withdrawal performed will result in removal of all remaining credit bonuses in the account.

    9. Only clients who have completed their KYC verification procedure are eligible for the Offer.

    10. Clients are required register themselves using one of the following methods after they have deposited the funds into their MetaTrader trading account:

    a. Email to cs@cdgglobalfx.com

    b. Contact their respective account manager/IB.

    c. Register through CDG official website Buck Back Bonus program page.

    11. Clients MUST transfer the fund into the trading account before applying for this offer. The Bonus will be credited into the trading account within one business day.

    12. CDG Global has the rights to refuse this Offer to clients who open trade positions before the Bonus is being credited and/or the account equity is less than 50% of deposit.

    13. This Offer is limited to one (1) account per Client and per IP address only, regardless of the numbers of accounts held by the client.

    14. PAMM/MAM/Social Trading is not entitled for this Offer

    15. The maximum leverage offered with this Offer is 1:500. If your participating trading account leverage is greater than 1:500, you MUST agree that your account leverage will be reduced to 1:500 in order to be entitled for this Offer. CDG Global is not liable for any loss due to the reduction in leverage.

    16 Once Equity is equivalent to 10% of credit, the remaining bonus will be revoked to avoid negative balance in your account.

    17. The stop-out level for accounts participating for this program is 50%.

    18. Any withdrawal made from the Client’s account will result in the bonus credit being FULLY REMOVED.

    19. Internal MT4 to wallet/MT4 transfers from the participating trading account are not permitted. If an internal transfer is performed, the bonus credit will be FULLY REMOVED.

    20. CDG Global will NOT be held liable for any losses that the Client may incur as a result of the removal of the Offer received by a Client due to internal transfer and/or withdrawal.

    21. This Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion which CDG Global may offer. Should a Client’s trading account already have an existing Bonus, they are required to agree that the previous Bonus (including Boundless Bounty) will be removed prior to this new Offer being applied.

    22. If CDG Global suspects or has reason to believe that a Client has more than one account under this Offer, CDG Global reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and without obtaining the Client’s consent, to remove the Offer from the Client’s Trading Account(s) with immediate effect.

    23. If CDG Global suspects or has reason to believe that a Client has abused and/or manipulated the Terms and Conditions of this Offer by hedging his positions internally or externally and/or has not acted in good faith, CDG Global reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and without obtaining the Client’s consent, to remove the Offer from the participating trading account and his winnings with immediate effect.

    24. Under no circumstances shall CDG Global be liable for any consequences of any cancelation of Offer, including, but not limited to order(s) closure by Stop Out. This is inclusive of the removal of the 30% bonus due to violation of the terms and conditions stated herein.

    iPhone 12 Pro Giveaway

    All new and existing clients are eligible for an optional iPhone 12 Pro. Terms and conditions are as below

    1. Minimum deposit to obtain the iPhone 12 Pro is $10,000.

    2. Clients are required to send in an email to cs@cdgglobalfx.com if they are interested to sign up for this promotion concurrently with the Cash Back Bonus or contact your account manager/IB/MIB for more information.

    3. Clients will obtain one unit of iPhone 12 Pro 128GB subject to availability of colour.

    4. Client will automatically obtain the iPhone 12 Pro when they hit 600 standard lots of trading upon registration of this offer.

    5. There is no time limit for clients to hit the 600 standard lots.

    6. Only trades opened more than 3 minutes will be calculated for this promotion

    7. Trades from Forex Exotic pairings are EXCLUDED for this promotion.

    8. Clients are allowed to redeposit if their initial deposit of $10,000 did not manage to hit 600 standard lots.

    9. This Giveaway is eligible to combine ONLY with Cash Back Bonus Program.